Become a Pilot

Did you ever dream of becoming a professional airline pilot?

Your dream career starts with the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy

Your direct pathway to a Ryanair cockpit

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards becoming an airline pilot?

Join the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy and take your passion for aviation to new heights!

The newly launched Ryanair Future Flyer Academy (formerly known as Ryanair Mentored Programme) gives individuals with little to no prior aviation experience, who have a passion for aviation and a dream to become airline pilots, the unique opportunity to enrol in one of our part-sponsored flight training programmes in order to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence and have a direct path to become a future Ryanair Pilot. This high-quality training is designed to provide aspiring pilots with all the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to pursue a successful career in aviation.

We have carefully selected our pilot training partners due to their high standards in training.
Only our official partners are listed and endorsed by the Ryanair Training Department.
To visit our partner school’s websites, please click on the logos below.

Approved Ryanair Pilot Training Partners

Dublin, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Łódź, Poland

Jerez, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

Łódź, Poland

Jerez, Spain

Turn your dreams into reality

Trainees on the programme are Ryanair’s future Captains and can expect unique promotional opportunities given Ryanair’s growth and long track record of excellence in training and promotions. Ryanair Offers industry leading benefits for pilots including:

  • Fastest time to Captaincy (within 4 years) through our Route-to-Command programme
  • The best rosters in European aviation – Fixed 5 days on, followed by 4 days off
  • Great basing opportunities across Ryanair’s vast base network
  • State-of-the art technology and resources with industry-leading training standards and success rates
  • Europe’s youngest, greenest fleet including the new Boeing 737 8200 Gamechanger aircraft
  • The opportunity to work in Europe’s largest flight training organisation

Conditional Job Offer & Bonded Type Rating

Ryanair students from an Integrated Ab-initio or Modular Gateway 1 training course will receive a conditional job offer upon enrolment and are eligible for a bonded B737 type rating with no up-front cost! Graduates from the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy, not only get a guaranteed final assessment but also have an exclusive fast-tracked recruitment process and will always be given preference during initial selection. In addition to that, programme graduates will enjoy a distinct advantage at the actual interview and assessment stage as they will be taught using Ryanair procedures and will get exposure to our safety culture and operational philosophy from day one of the programme. Students will also be tutored directly by the Ryanair pilot recruitment team before attending their final assessment.

Industry Leading Training

Prior to trainee pilots committing to a large investment, they are assessed by our carefully chosen partner ATOs to firstly ensure that they have the capability to successfully complete pilot training and that they are suitable to become a future Ryanair pilot. This pre-assessment helps to ensure the 98% pass rate at the final Ryanair Cadet assessment. In the off-chance that the student fails at the final Ryanair assessment, comprehensive feedback is provided to the partner ATO’s Head of Training and, subject to approval, additional training and support may be provided to the student prior to completing a 2nd assessment with Ryanair, as soon as possible.

Different Training Routes to suit your needs

There are 3 training routes available with our partners depending on the candidate experience level and individual needs. All programmes are developed and delivered in accordance with our SOPs. Regular auditing of trainee performance and course quality is monitored by our world-class training department.

Training Routes

  • Zero to Hero full time course!
  • No previous flying experience required.
  • Training can be completed in 16+ months at one of our approved partner schools
  • This is the modular route designed for candidates who wish to spread out their training due to being unable to complete a full time course.
  • Applies to PPL holders with 100h PIC who have completed their EASA ATPL theoretical exams
  • Successful candidates will join a Ryanair mentored MEP/CPL, ME/IR, AUPRT & APS MCC with one of our partner schools
  • APS-MCC is an efficient and effective course that is the tailor-made link between the initial pilot training and the challenging operation in a commercial cockpit.
  • Applies to EASA Frozen ATPL licence, CPL & ME/IR holders who are seeking to complete an industry leading APS MCC

Ryanair Future Flyer Academy Timeline


Once you’ve decided that the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy is the right fit for you and you meet all minimum requirements listed on the flight school’s website, submit your application directly to our Approved Training Partners.
The flight school will then contact you in due course to provide more information about the recruitment process.

Selection process

The selection process consists of multiple stages depending on the gateway you choose.
Ab-initio and Gateway 1 (modular) students will need to undergo the following:
– Flight School psychometric and aptitude testing which can be completed online at home.
– One-day assessment at one of our partner schools, consisting of tests in mathematics, physics, English language test for non-native speakers, group exercises and an individual interview.
Gateway 2 and 3 students will undergo the following:
– Airline psychometric and aptitude testing which can be completed online at home.

Flight training

All phases of the flight training will be completed at your chosen partner school and you will be issued with the relevant Ryanair Future Flyer Academy qualifications. Our industry leading SOPs and operational philosophy will be used throughout the entire training programme.

Type rating

All candidates who are successful at the final Ryanair assessment will be offered a place on an upcoming B737 Type Rating course.

Ryanair pilot

You have now successfully completed all elements of the Type Rating including base training and are flying passengers all around Europe and beyond! It’s the start of a long and rewarding career!

Please note that applications for the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy can only be made through our partner flight schools.