Engineering Training

Work on one of the youngest fleets in the industry,
with industry leading training.

We are hiring the best talent for our engineering teams.
No previous engineering experience is required &
school/college leavers encouraged to apply!

Become an Engineer with the Ryanair Engineering Training Academy

Ryanair and our Engineering partners offer a variety of Training Courses across the network for those with a passion to work become an engineering professional. We offer the best training in the aviation industry and we offer hundreds of future engineers the opportunity to join us.

Previous experience isn’t required for our Trainee positions making it an option for all those wanting to gain entry into the industry, regardless of your background. Never changed a wheel? No worries! Never held a spanner? No worries! We will give you all of the necessary tools to succeed within your career.

Where the Ryanair Engineering Training Academy can take you…

Aircraft Mechanic

Does not hold a licence but carries out maintenance and repairs on the aircraft.

Licenced Mechanic (CAT A Mechanic)

Holds a Licence and typically performs relatively minor Line Maintenance tasks. CAT As will certify these tasks themselves.

B1 Licenced Engineer

Holds a licence and their main duties include performing or supervising mechanical maintenance activities. This is to ensure that the work completed meets the quality standards and the aircraft is safe to fly.

B2 Licenced Engineer

Holds a licence and their main duties include performing or supervising electrical/avionic maintenance activities. This is to ensure that the work completed meets the quality standards and the aircraft is safe to fly.

Training Routes

  • 12 week paid training course in our state-of-the-art facilities across the network!
  • Experience as either a mechanic in any industry or studied within engineering or mechanic field required.
  • Entry level position to gain experience to become an aircraft mechanic.
  • 24 Month course gaining practical and theoretical training within a maintenance environment.
  • Full Certificate or Recognition / Basic Training Certificate required.
  • Full B1.1 or B2 EASA Modules from a Part 147 Training organisation required.
  • 4 Year Programme gaining both practical and theoretical training within a maintenance environment.
  • No previous experience required!
  • Apprenticeship available in Prestwick, Stansted, Dublin and Shannon through our training providers.


Our Apprentice Programmes are aimed at those who have studied an aviation, engineering or mechanical discipline. With intakes throughout the year in Dublin, Stansted, Prestwick and Shannon, you don’t need to have any practical aviation experience to be an apprentice with us.

You will be required to pass an engineering theoretical and practical selection test to join our programme where we’ll be looking for basic theory skills, English, Maths, and practical hand skills.


In conjunction with Ayrshire College and Skill Development Scotland, attend on a weekly basis and study the module/licence material to become a licenced engineer.


The 4-year programme is a mix of theoretical and practical training at a training provider to complete EASA/CAA modules and on- the- job training provided by Ryanair engineering. At the end of the 4-year apprenticeship programme, trainees will be able to apply for their B1/B2 licence.

Dublin & Shannon

Run in conjunction with SOLAS and TUD, upon completion of the 2-year programme you will achieve your Category A licence while completion of the 4-year programme, you can achieve your B1 /B2 licence. During this programme you will gain practical experience at one of our Ryanair hangars.


Mechanic pathway allows applicants that can demonstrate basic hand skills to become aircraft mechanics. The course covers both theoretical and practical training on the aircraft. On completion of the course the trainees have the basic skills to work supervised either in Line or Heavy Maintenance before going on to get their Mechanic Stamp


Looking to start your career as an engineer in the aviation industry? At Ryanair we can provide the training for you to gain your aircraft engineering licence.
Our 2-year JAE Programme is a mix of practical and theoretical training for those who have completed EASA Part 147 Basic Training Certificate from an approved school. Students are assigned a main base and will travel to Stansted or Bergamo as required for training. On completion of your training, you will then be allocated a permanent base with further practical training experience in one of our base maintenance facilities.
Once you obtain your license you’ll continue to work within our maintenance facilities as a licenced engineer.

Ryanair Engineering Training Partner:

Aircraft Engineering Academy in conjunction with South East Aviation Services – SEAS, one of Ryanair’s third party service providers, has received the certification by ENAC as Training and Examinations Organisation for the basic training courses of Cat. B1.1.

The 2 year basic training course provides both the theoretical training of the modules and practical training aimed at issuing the “Certificate of Recognition”. This certificate allows students to join the Ryanair Junior Aircraft Engineering Programmme.

The classroom basic training course is aimed at all those who wish to pursue a specialised career in the aviation sector as a Licenced Aircraft Engineer, although they have not developed any type of experience in this field.

Please click on the AEA logo to visit their website for more information on how to apply.

Sheet Metal Training Programme

Our Sheet Metal Training Programme is designed to train you on repairing aircraft aluminium structures focusing in more detail on aircraft structures in the classroom workshop and in our heavy maintenance facilities, giving you the skills to perform structural repairs on our aircraft fleet.

In the work place

We also offer aviation practical training courses in EWIS Module G, Fuel Tank Safety along with a number of theoretical courses covering AVSEC, Dangerous Goods by Air, Part CAMO and a number of soft skills training courses including TTT, examiner/assessor training and more!

Additional to all of the specific training courses, we carry out induction training when you first join us and also offer mandatory PART 145 training, some of which is delivered on our bespoke e-learning platform to keep you up to speed wherever you’re working with us.