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Our Operations Grad Programmes are split between of 3 main areas within the Ops Dept, the beating heart of our organisation. These include Flight Operations, Ground Operations and Safety. Each of these programmes are specifically designed and tailored for aviation focused graduates.

We are looking for flexible, hardworking individuals, who not only think outside the box but live outside it. You will learn a significant amount during the programme and successful graduates will immerse themselves from day one and absorb as much information as they can to ensure a successful career within Ryanair.

Operations Programmes

Flight Ops

Working within a small team to ensure the planning and production of training to over 1500 newly hired pilots per year and the recurrent training for over 7000 pilots. In addition to ensuring the calculation of variable pay for over 6 million hours worth of fight time each year!

Ground Operations (GOPs)

Our Ground Operations (GOPs) team is spread over the 90+ European bases and over 250+ destination airports of the Ryanair Group. This dept consists of over 2,500 directly employed staff and our contract 3rd Party Handling Agencies delivering one the best in class and most efficient airline operations in Europe. Working with a team of regional and department managers you will be responsible for maintaining Ryanair’s industry leading safety and punctuality record. You will also help to manage relationships with airports across our network and ensure the people resources, equipment and facilities are in place across all regions as required.

Safety & Pilot Management

With an industry leading 38+ year safety record, Ryanair’s Flight Operations and Safety Depts have been key to our success. Working as part of the Safety Dept, you will help to monitor any potential threats to the operation, promote our ‘Just Culture’ and provide regular safety and security updates across the entire Ryanair Group network. You will also help conduct regular audits to ensure Ryanair remains compliant with EASA regulations and continue to hold our impeccable safety record. Consisting of over 7000 pilots, the Ryanair Flight Operations Dept is one of the largest within the business. As part of the ‘Pilot Management’ rotation you will report to the Chief Pilot and work with him and other FOPs nominated post-holders, training and base captains with various analytical, reporting and administrative tasks.

Dynamic Ever Changing Industry

Meet Our Grads

James, Victoria & Sam are just some of our Flight Operations Graduates. We sat down with them to find out more about their experience within Ryanair. Dealing with a live, 24/7 busy OCC, they share real life tasks, duties and responsibilities they had while on the programme.

Spoiler Alert – They deal with over 18,000 cabin crew and pilots on a daily basis as well as submit reports to senior management.