SIM Engineering

We’re one of the largest SIM operators in Europe! and growing…

Our SIM Engineering team are responsible for maintaining an ever expanding network of flight simulators based in Bergamo, Dublin, East Midlands and Stansted.

Each year 7,000+ pilots use our SIMS for initial and recurrent training. 

At present we have 18 full flight SIMS and 9 fixed base SIMS. Our Full Flight SIMs are:

3 x CAE SIM 21s
1 x CAE Classic 
2 x CAE 5000 series 
5 x CAE 7000XR series 
2 x CAE 7000XR MAX series 
Our Fixed Based SIM is: 

Our SIMS operate for over 20 hours per day. Our highly skilled SIM Engineering team carry out preventative maintenance and urgent repair of our SIMS. Quick action to resolve issues that affect the training of aircrew using the simulators and training equipment is a priority to ensure minimum disruption to our pilot training schedule.