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With 19 SIMS and plans to grow to 23 SIMS by 2020 we are one of the largest SIM operators in Europe!

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Our SIM engineering team is responsible for maintaining 19 Flight Simulators based in Bergamo, Dublin, East Midlands and Stansted.

Our SIMS operate for over 20 hours per day. Our highly skilled SIM Engineering team carry out preventative maintenance and urgent repair of our SIMs. Quick action to resolve issues that affect the training of aircrew using the simulators and training equipment is a priority. This to ensure minimum disruption to our pilot training schedule.

Each year 4,500 pilots use our SIMs for initial and recurrent training.

East Midlands

  • 3 FFS’s
  • 2 FTD’s


  • 2 FFS’s
  • 1 FTD


  • 7 FFS’s
  • 3 FTD’s


  • 1 FTD

Please click on our interactive map on left side to discover which base has which SIM’s:

At present we have 12 Full Flight SIMs and 7 Fixed Based SIMs.
Our Full Flight SIMs are:

  • 3 x CAE SIM 21’s
  • 1 x CAE Classic
  • 2 x CAE 5000 series
  • 5 x CAE 7000XR series
  • 1 x CAE 7000XR MAX series

Our Fixed Based SIM is:

  • MPS FTD2 / FNPT2

The B737-8200 MAX simulators will be equipped with CAE Tropos 6200XR visual systems, UPRT capability and next generation instructor office.

As we continue to grow we will be taking delivery of 4 x CAE 7000XR series SIMs over the next 2 years.

We will be taking a delivery of 2 B737-8200 MAX SIMs in 2019 and a further 2 B737-8200 MAX SIMs in 2020.

Our first B737-8200 MAX SIM arrived in March 2019. This SIM is housed in Stansted.

Junior SIM Engineer Programme

Our Junior SIM Engineer Programme provides you with the best opportunity to begin your career as a Simulator Engineer. This is an exciting opportunity to join our team and start a job where no two days are the same!

During this 4 year programme we will train you in all the skills required to be a SIM engineer. You will work closely with our senior SIM engineers and participate in specially designed courses for each new SIM delivered. If you have studied a mechanical, engineering or mechatronic degree we want to hear from you.

This is an exciting time to join our SIM Engineering team and start a job where no two days are the same!

Latest Engineering Vacancies

Before you start, there are a few things we need from you. You must have a good level of English, both written and spoken, an EU passport and good computer skills. If you have all of this, as well as the energy and drive to throw yourself into your job with enthusiasm, then check out our current vacancies and follow the instructions to apply.
We hope to see you ‘on board’ soon!

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