Sam – Commercial Grad Alumni

Please state your name & the current role you have in Ryanair

Sam, Network Planning Lead Scheduler.

What University/College did you go to?

Coventry University.

What course did you study?

Aviation Management.

What was the most rewarding part of the Ryanair Graduate Programme?

Learning more about different parts of the business and how systems we use relate. Having the ability to travel and meet the people you are speaking with on a daily basis, being able to put a face to an email address or to a voice on the end of a call! Getting to know other graduates who are in the boat as me, especially useful when you move to Ireland from another country to be on the programme.

What obstacles or weaknesses did you overcome while on the Ryanair Graduate Programme?

Can be quite daunting looking after valuable slot portfolios in airports all over the Ryanair network, but trusting your ability and double checking info/stats when you start out is vital.

Moving to a new country, finding a place to live, meeting new people are all part of the process but being on the programme definitely helped with this new challenge. Everybody was very helpful.

Was there anything you got to do on the Ryanair Graduate Programme that you didn’t think you would get to do?

Ability to travel to airport committee meetings and conferences all over the world. Having input on decisions for new routes + changing times of flights in the schedule to improve performance.