Andrew – Flight Ops Grad Alumni

Please state your name & the current role you have in Ryanair

Andrew – Crew Controller within Flight Ops.

What University/College did you go to?


What course did you study?

Aviation Management

What graduate programme were you on?

Flight Operations Graduate Programme

What was the most rewarding part of the Ryanair Graduate Programme?

Ryanair from the beginning was a very fast paced and hands on working environment. I felt I got great exposure to the industry from the start and was given the opportunity to learn lots in a short period of time.

What obstacles or weaknesses did you overcome while on the Ryanair Graduate Programme?

As mentioned above, a lot of information was thrown at me from the beginning. Coming straight from college this takes some adjusting to but given the time and effort, becomes easier

Was there anything you got to do on the Ryanair Graduate Programme that you didn’t think you would get to do?

I got to jump-seat on one of my flights to Amsterdam which was great. Working on the crew control side of things we see on side of the operation, so it was great to see the other side of the operation in the Pilots and their daily tasks.

What skills did you learn while on the Ryanair Graduate Programme that were transferable to your current role?

Strengthened my social and communication skills through working with a range of departments on a constant basis.

What is your favourite memory of being on the Ryanair Graduate Programme

There hasn’t been a moment in particular, but when you look at the last 12 months and what has happened. With the acquisition of new airlines and now the coronavirus pandemic, it is amazing to see how Ryanair operates and how well it is able to cope to its surrounding environment. This has been the standout factor for me.

Any tips or advice for anyone wishing to be successful on our Graduate Programme?

Don’t stress.