Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Pilot Job on the career page?

To apply for a job, you first need to create a profile by clicking on “Register”. When you are creating a profile, please correctly select the “Position Applying For” on the registration form. In order to avoid processing delays, please ensure you meet minimum requirements stated in the job ad for the position you are applying for.

Once you have created a profile/registration on our website and provided your details and documents, you can apply for a job listed in the “job search” tab. Please update your details/documents on a regular basis to ensure that your application/registration remains active. REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN DETAILS FOR FUTURE USE. You will need your username (i.e. the email address you entered on your application) and password to access and update your application in the future.

Important: If you have already applied via our website but have not yet been contacted, please continue to update your ONE EXISTING profile/account. Do not be tempted to create more than ONE profile! Your one original application is the only application accepted.

Do I need all the required documents to apply?

You can create a profile on our website while you are waiting for your final documents to arrive. However, before applying for a role, please make sure that you have uploaded all the required documents. Please be aware that your application will not be progressed until all documents are uploaded.

When should I expect to be contacted regarding my application?

You will be contacted when your application is shortlisted, and time frames can vary. Each application is individually reviewed, and any issues with documentation or incorrect information can delay this process.

I have forgotten my login details. How can I access my account?

If you have forgotten your login details, you need to go to the login page on the application page and select “Forgot Your Password?”. An email will be sent from the system to the email address you provided in your online application.

I am unable to log in to my application. How can I access my account?

What should I do if I experience technical issues with my account/registration?

Please note: This email address is for technical issues only. General enquiries about your application will not receive a reply or be forwarded to the recruitment team.

How do I update my application?

You can continue to update your profile on a regular basis to ensure that your application/registration remains active. Please do so from the “My Details” or the “My Documents” section.

I have uploaded all documents on my online application, but I have been contacted from a team member advising me that these are either incorrect, unsuitable or missing. What should I do?

The email you have received specifies exactly what information is incomplete. You must ensure all documents are attached to your application, as detailed in that email and on the application section of your online application.

You will be required to provide official translations of specific documents, if the documents you have provided are not in English.

Why does a Cadet require a Flight School Report?

This is considered an accurate reference of their performance throughout training. The Flight School Report must be written in English.

It must be signed by the Flight School’s HOT (Head of Training). This requirement applies to both Integrated and Modular students.

This report must also contain all ATPL results (providing a list of all subjects, pass mark, any repeats, etc), CPL & MEIR series passes (first time, first series, Partial, etc), and a statement relating to the Cadet’s performance throughout training. If the report is not provided (or the required documentation), the application will not be considered.

Is Advanced UPRT a requirement for Cadets?

From 20th December 2019, pilots who have never completed a Type Rating need to hold an EASA approved certificate of satisfactory completion of Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT) in accordance with FCL.745.A. Commercial pilots must have attended and passed the abovementioned course before being considered for a Cadet assessment. Please note the AUPRT certificate must clearly state that it is in accordance with FCL.745.A. Any other UPRT certificates will not be accepted.

Who can I contact for information regarding my application?

Applicants should not attempt to contact us regarding the status of their application.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, it is not possible for us to respond to applicants who enquire into their application status.

Applicants who “canvass” their application in this way may be disqualified from the selection process.

Applicants will be contacted WHEN they have been selected to proceed in the selection process. If you are yet to receive communication regarding your application, then it is still under review.

Can I be provided feedback in reference to the status of my application?

Unfortunately, not. it is not possible to provide a time frame as to when or if an application would be selected to proceed in the application process.

Applicants who do not follow the application procedure and/or attempt to “canvass” their application may be disqualified.

Do I send my CV or other documents that could be relevant to the application process?

Please do not send your CV to us unless we have specifically requested this from you. The documents required form part of your online application. You must upload all requested documents in order to complete your online application. Please do not upload the same documents TWICE unless an updated copy of a certain document is requested by the recruitment team. Your application will not be processed until you have completed this requirement.

Is it possible to re-apply after being unsuccessful?

It is not possible to create an additional application on our website. If your were previously unsuccessful and you would like to re-apply for a position, you should continue to update your existing online profile. All changes & updates made to your online application are registered by our systems and reviewed at an appropriate time. If the recruitment team decides to review your re-application in the future, you would be contacted accordingly at that time – but it is not possible to provide information as to when or if this may happen.

Best of luck with your application!