Head Office

All positions for this years Head Office graduate programme are filled but please keep your eye open for ad-hoc graduate positions. The 2020 programme will open in Jan 20.

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Based at our International HQ in Swords, Co, Dublin, you will be given the opportunity to work within key functions across our business, including; Commercial, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Legal, Customer Service, HR, Ground Ops, Flight Ops and IT.

During our 24 month Head Office Graduate Programme you will gain valuable experience completing 6 month rotations across the 4 key areas of your chosen department.

At Ryanair you will be part of a team that makes key decisions on a daily basis, we don’t like to hang around and the reason we have achieved what we have in a short space of time, and why we are still growing is because we are not afraid to make bold business decisions. Joining Ryanair you will be given responsibility from day one, and we won’t hold you back, we encourage employees to share their new ideas on how we can improve the business.

The Ryanair brand remains No.1 across Europe, as we dominate the aviation industry.

As a graduate trainee your experience will be broad but significant, allowing you to further develop your career within an area that interests you. The chosen business areas will depend upon your interests, business needs and performance at interview.

Sales and Marketing

Although we operate out of +30 countries, all of our Marketing and advertising activities and campaigns are all run out of our Dublin HQ. This is a diverse and multicultural department with marketing executives from all across Europe. Here we also look after all communications such as Brand, PR, and social Media. Our Digital experience team look after all online and email campaigns and contribute to the design, look and feel of the website.
– Sales and Marketing
– Public Relations & Brand Communications Insights
– Digital Experience


From purchasing our new Boeing 737s to the fuel that runs them, the finance are right in the centre of spending our €1.1billion profits each year.
– Insurance, Fraud and reviewing our booking engine, Tax, Chargeback Team, Ancillary Revenue and management accounting
– Fuel purchase
– Aircraft acquisition and leasing
– Audit and Treasury


From setting fares to airport deal negotiations to analysis of when our passengers want to travel and all the added extras on the website, the commercial gang are responsible for maintaining Ryanair status as one of the most financially profitable airlines in the world.
– Yield Analysis (Fare Setting)
– Route Development
– Schedule analysis, route performance, pricing trends


If you have an eye for detail and a creative flair, then our inflight programme could provide the perfect mix of planning crew incentives, gifts and parties to analysing the rosters and training required for over 10,000 crew ensuring the highest standard of customer service for our over 140million customers.
– Retail sales analysis
– Inflight training
– Crew planning


Our esteemed Legal team continue to fight the good fight in keeping the Ryanair name untarnished. Here you will be right in the thick of some of our highest profile cases across European courts.
– Commercial law
– Defamation
– EU law
– Litigation