With over 400 aircraft you will gain experience working close with a team of experienced engineers to ensure the continued airworthiness of the Ryanair fleet.

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Based at our International HQ in Swords, Co, Dublin, you will be part of our Technical Services department working closely with our Line, Heavy Maintenance and Maintrol teams.
You will spend time in each of the areas of our Technical Services Department.

The Ryanair brand remains No.1 across Europe, as we dominate the aviation industry.


Oversight of the various mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems on the aircraft including the flight control systems, bleed/air conditioning systems, airstairs, landing gear and interiors.

Reliability and Maintenance Program

Planning scheduled maintenance tasks / checks designed to keep the aircraft airworthy and monitoring the effectiveness of the maintenance program and overall fleet performance.

Powerplant & Avionics

Responsible for the Engines, APUs and Thrust Reversers from a Line, Base Maintenance and Shop prospective. Electrical systems on the aircraft, including components, wiring and software.


Responsible for dealing with structural repair due to in-service incidents such as lightning/bird/tail strikes or corrosion issues.


Responsible for management of Airworthiness Directive review and embodiment, aircraft life limited components configuration and administration of the MEL (Minimum Equipment List).