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Discover all the benefits of the Ryanair Mentored Programme


Ryanair has carefully selected our pilot training partners due to their high standards in training. Only our official partners are listed on the Ryanair website and are endorsed by Ryanair’s Training Department.

As the leading employer of Cadets in Europe, successful graduates from a Ryanair Mentored Pilot Training Programme at one of our approved partner flight training schools will be given preference during initial selection. In addition to having exclusive access to a fast track recruitment process, programme graduates will enjoy a distinct advantage at the actual interview and assessment stage as they will be taught using Ryanair procedures and will get exposure to our safety culture and operational philosophy from day one of the programme.


Ab-initio applicants will apply to one of our partner ATOs and pass an initial assessment to be placed on the programme.  Trainees will receive ongoing one-on-one mentoring from a Ryanair pilot. On successful completion of the programme and a final Ryanair assessment, the new pilots will be offered a place on a Ryanair B737 Type Rating course.

The programme has additional GATEWAYS to facilitate more experienced pilots. For more info please visit the flight school’s websites.


What is the APS-MCC? (Click here for more info) APS MCC FAQs

The APS-MCC is an efficient and effective course that is the tailor made link between the initial pilot training and the challenging operation in a commercial cockpit.

The Airline Pilot Standard MCC in accordance with EASA AMC2 FCL.735.A will develop all the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to help you fit easily into an airline career. Our statistics show that over 50% of newly qualified pilots who hold a CPL, frozen ATPL theoretical exams, ME/IR and a standard MCC fail at the initial assessment. The APS MCC will give you every chance of passing an assessment!

Cadets who enter the mentored APS MCC with one of our partner ATOs will get an unbelievable opportunity to train with Ryanair approved procedures, SOPs and instructors.

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Please note that applications for the Ryanair Mentored Programme can only be made through our partner flight schools.