Ryanair Launches B737 Direct Entry Captain Joining Bonus of €10,000

Ryanair will this winter introduce a one-off bonus of €10,000 for direct entry 737 qualified Captains for a 7-month period commencing 01 Oct 2017 to 30 Apr 2018. This one-off bonus will be paid to all new B737 qualified Captains who commence their training course during this 7-month period.

Ryanair has an ongoing programme of direct entry Captain recruitment which supplements our internal promotion programme. These internal promotions remain Ryanair’s main supply of new Captains, however following a 21-month gap in new 737 deliveries from Boeing between Jan 2013 and Sep 2014, we have a one-off gap in the flow of senior FO’s with the experience to meet our minimum requirements for promotion to Captains while we continue our significant ramp up of 50 aircraft deliveries this winter for summer 2018. This is why we are temporarily incentivising our Direct Entry B737 Captain recruitment in advance of summer 2018. This one-off change will run for 7 months only from 01 Oct to 30 April next and only for 737 qualified Captains.

The terms of this 7-month joining Bonus are as follows:

  • Will only apply to B737 Type Rated Captains who meet the current entry requirements (including minimum of 3,500 hours total time). No joining bonus will be offered to non-B737 rated candidates.
  • Applies to applicants accepted for Direct Entry 737 Captain courses commencing between 01 Oct 2017 and 30 Apr 2018 only.
  • The bonus of €10K is paid in two instalments, €5K at the end of month one of training and €5K at the end of month two.
  • Bonus is paid by way of a salary advance which is repayable in full if the pilot leaves Ryanair within 2 years of commencing.

We look forward to welcoming all interested B737 qualified Captains who wish to join Europe’s biggest and most financially secure airline, with 86 bases all over Europe, and over 300 new aircraft deliveries over the next 7 years.